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PHC in Kudari Salawadgi is understaffed and lacks medical supplies

PHCs in Kundari Salawadgi do not have proper medical facilities which is having an impact on the patients

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Kudari Salawadgi, November 24, 2017:The Primary Health Care (PHC) centre in Kundari Salawadgi village, Basavana Bagewadi taluk is understaffed and lacks medical supplies. The PHC is located on the outskirts of the village, seven kilometers away.

Lalmohammad, resident of the village, said that the doctor in the PHC does not attend to patients daily. He said, “The doctor comes every Friday for one hour. Rest of the week, he is not there (sic).”
He added that the rising number of malaria and typhoid cases in the village require proper attention, which the village lacks.

Dr. Beema Shankar, the doctor at PHC, said the pharmacist had supplied medicines 15 days back and the patients can now avail benefits. Although, he mentioned that the centre lacks diagnostic facilities for dengue and typhoid. He said, “The antibiotic test for these diseases is not available and they need to be diagnosed at Basavana Bagewadi.”
He said that the nurse’s post at the centre was vacant because the one previously working had been appointed to Yadwad, a village in south Karnataka. However, in accordance with Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS), the minimum manpower available in each PHC should be one medical officer, one pharmacist, one nurse, one health educator, one laboratory technician and two clerks.

Despite what the doctors and the residents say, the gram panchayat in the village says that the PHC is running efficiently. K N Nalaab, member of the gram panchayat, said that there was no such problem and the PHC was not lacking staff and medicines.

Also, PHCs should be a 24- hour facility but the one in Kudari Salawdgi is a not a 24 hour hospital. It starts at 9 am and closes at 5 pm.

Gangubai, a resident, complained about the timings and said that she could not get her daughter treated because of timing constraints. She said, “My daughter fell and broke her bone at 9 pm in the night but we could not get her treatment. She wailed the entire night.”

A large number of residents are forced to visit the hospital at Hoovina Hipparagi, a village five km from Kudari Salawadgi, to avail treatment in cases of emergency.

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