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Work on Ejipura's EWS quarters at snail's speed

Even after court orders, work on Ejipura’s EWS quarters has not begun because the contractors are not sure what to do with the high tension wires that run over the area.

EWS Quarters being constructed

Even after the court orders on May 31, 2017 to begin the work without any further delay, work on Ejipura EWS quarters is progressing at a snail’s speed.

There are only six small bull dozers, two tractors and three trucks on the construction site which is spread on 15.6 acres of land. The EWS quarters are going to be built on eight acres and the remaining land will be used for commercial purposes.

Mr. Mohammed Abbubakar, the project manager in charge of the construction site from Garuda builders said that because of hurdles like the high tension wire over the construction site and the buffer zone behind construction site, work is getting delayed. He further mentioned that the construction of the 1512 EWS quarters will be completed within 18 months.

Zonal head of Synergy, a project management consultancy with design and build solution, Syed Basheer Ahmed mentioned that the excavation process has begun and the EWS quarters will be developed within 24 months. He also mentioned that their first priority is to make the EWS quarters before the commercial project.

Ravindranath, Assistance Engineer, BBMP said that the basic work such as excavation and foundation has started but he is still not sure what to do with the high tension wire over the project site.

Lokesh, supervisor from BL Kashyap , one of the contractors, said that the work has not yet started.
Amidst all these, 25 families are living on the footpath in front of the construction site waiting for the last five years to get back in the EWS quarters.

Mary Fathima, a 54-year-old  resident  in the Ejipura slums stated that she was being forced to move out from  the EWS quarters in 2013.Now she feels helpless because she cannot live anywhere else since she does not have money to pay rent.

David Raja, slum dweller mentioned that government is not helping them in anyway because they don’t get potable water and there are no sanitation facilities for them. He further said that they suffer from cold, fever and diseases. Mary and David are eagerly waiting for the EWS quarters to be built.
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