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Filled up potholes open up in Nagawara

The recently filled potholes in Nagawara have been re-emerging causing problems for the commuters.

Bangalore, November 23, 2017: Despite claims by BBMP that there are only twenty five potholes left in the entire city, four potholes were found a few hundred yards away from each other in an arterial road in Nagawara. D.Azith Kumar, a resident of Nagawara who works for Airbus, said, "The BBMP's claim that there are only 25 potholes remaining is ridiculous; I  come across more than 25 potholes everyday as I commute to office. Yesterday I fell in a big one while driving and hurt my leg."

D.Praveen, a software engineer in Nagawara, said that Nagawara is dotted  with potholes every few metres. " I  have fallen in the potholes a few times while  riding on this road... I would say that though they(BBMP) have started filling them up,  they are a long way away from finishing the job."

B.Harish, another software engineer, said, "I can see so many potholes in Nagawara alone. If you're talking about the entire city, the BBMP's claims hardly hold water. It just cannot be true!"

However, there are a few potholes in Nagawara that were filled a month ago but they have been reappearing.T.Veeresh, a shop keeper in Nagawara, said, "They have been filling potholes since sometime, but they are in such haste to finish it before the deadline that they are doing a bad job of it."

D.Azith said that he did see the BBMP employees working on the potholes at a quick pace and a few days later, observed the potholes  re-emerging. "It is of no use to haphazardly fill the potholes for temporary public satisfaction only to see them back later," he added.

"This whole exercise might be just because elections are coming. They might not care about the reappeared potholes after the polls," added D.Praveen.

ND Mohan, BBMP Assistant Engineer of Nagawara, said, “There are no potholes  on the road. We filled the potholes on important roads as promised. There are potholes remaining only in the street corners.”

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