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Puttur sees  decrease in mortality rates

Proper sanitation and hygiene helps.

Puttur, November 23, 2017: Puttur which has a population of 53,061 has seen a decrease in mortality rates in the past four years.

According to the data given, the mortality rate for male and female under the age of five was 21 after which there was a decrease and finally, till October 2017, there have been only five infant deaths.

According to this data,  Puttur has been very cautious about hygiene and sanitation for women and children after they are born.

One of the officials said, “We have seen improvement and we want to maintain that so we are taking sanitation and hygiene as a very serious issue and we will be concentrating more on how we can educate more and more women and their family about the sanitation and hygiene.”

Rupa Shetty, City Municipal Commisioner said “We had created self awareness groups which helped the people and women.”
Sumita, ASHA worker, said “there are self awareness programmes created by government to help the women and it is important to create awareness among families and not just women. That was the thing that worked a lot here”

Dr. Vinay Prakash, a physiotherapist said “The reason behind the low mortality rates is proper diet and regular check-ups.”

Puttur should be the example for other taluks nearby which should also start taking steps towards the sanitation and hygiene.

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