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A small patch of parched land in the midst of plenty

The Dambal tank only provides 50 per cent of water for irrigation to the Dambal hobli, while the rest comes from rainfall.

The Dambal tank provides 50% water for irrigation

Mohd. Rafique, a farmer, said, “The lake has been providing water for  irrigation, for the  past two years. Even then, it can only cover 50 per cent of the irrigation. For the rest, we have to depend completely on rain, because of which, the farmers face a tough situation.”

The hobli is one of the most drought-affected areas in the state. In previous years, farmers have faced huge difficulties because there was not enough water for irrigation, and the crops went dry. Hence, they incurred  huge losses. Also, the tank has been receiving water from the River Tungabhadra, only for the  last four years.

The taluk panchayat attempted cloud seeding, but it did not yield the expected results. Now, they have allowed farmers to make water ponds near their fields. The farmers can now preserve water in the pond and use it for irrigation. The area for the ponds can range from  two to three acres.

Mr. Gurikar, the Block Development Officer of Mundargi, said that the situation has improved, and the panchayat is planning to bring in some new corrective measures.

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