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Low prices, freeloaders hurt vendors

Prices have fallen by 50 percent this year at the Kadlekai Parishe. To add to their troubles, the number of freeloaders have gone up.

Mutti Vedi a vendor said, “This time the price drop has affected us, we bought a sack of 25 kilos of groundnut for Rs 3000 from Yeshwanthpur, but I am hardly able to sell it.” She also mentioned that the vendors have to pay Rs 1000 for the temple, but the temple doesn’t help them in any way.

Earlier these sellers would buy directly from the farmer, but now due to increase in sellers, there is an association that handles the trade.

The Yeshwanthpur Market Association Dofficial said “People purchase groundnuts from here and sell it at the parishe. There are many vendors this time, so we thought this is the ideal method. We sell one sack for Rs 3000 and whatever they make at parishe belongs to them.”

Kadlekai Parishe is a groundnut fair that happens every year during the Kaarthika Maasa at Basavangudi where hundreds of vendors come and sell groundnuts.

There are two types of nuts grown in three different states, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the farmers produce three seeded nuts, two seeded while in Tamil Nadu its two seeded nuts. Every seller is allowed a nine square foot area where he can sell the groundnuts.

Jayaram, a vendor said that it has been 40 years, and his family always has set up a stall.  He stated that earlier they would buy from farmers directly but then now due to these middlemen they are forced to buy from the market. He also complained freeloaders at the parishe: People come and take a handful of nuts to taste and then they don’t pay. This way we lose a lot of money. When we complain to the police officers here, they don’t do anything.”

Govindhamma a sweet and candy vendor said, “The most significant problem of the fair is that many people steal things without our notice and it becomes challenging for us. We have complained to the police officer, but they fail to do anything.”

Shivakumar, Deputy Commissioner of Policesaid that more than 40 special police officers were appointed during Kadlekai parishe. . He said, “We have tried to reduce vasooli as much as we can, and there are almost a lakh of people who come here, it becomes difficult to monitor everybody.”

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