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Mathru Purna scheme not working in Honnalli

Lower caste pregnant and lactating women in Honnali Taluk are unable to access regular meals from the Anganwadis  as they face discrimination.

The state government backed Mathru Purna scheme has proved ineffective in Honnali Taluk as lower caste women are unable to get its benefits in the face of caste discrimination.

Mr Vasu,the first division assistant in the Women and Child Department of Honnali Taluk Panchayat said that the caste discrimination is a major problem in the taluk as women from the lower caste hesitate to come to the Anganwadis due of the presence of high caste people.

The scheme was launched for the welfare of pregnant and lactating women in rural Karnataka which involved providing them nutritious cooked food.

Ms Meenakshi,a nurse at the Arabagatta Primary Health Centre(PHC) said out of three anganwadis in the village only one is currently active .There are two communities who reside in the taluk including OBCs and Hindus including the Lingayats.

She added that caste discrimination from the upper caste makes it difficult for the lower caste women to go and avail benefits at the Anganwadi centre.

Kumari, a young mother from Arabagatta village said,“When I was carrying my child, in October, I didn't receive any food from the Anganwadis."

Another resident,Devyani said, "We cook food on our own, we don't like going there". Mr Vasu, first division assistant of the women and child department of the Honnali Taluk said that there is a huge caste problem that goes around within the taluk. “Women from the lower caste hesitate to come in the Anganwadis because of the presence of high caste people. Mr Vasu further added that we have appealed to the Taluk panchayat head and the government will soon come up with some steps against this thing”.

Ms Ishrat Bano, head of the women and child department of the honnali taluk panchayat said, ‘I will be retiring this year and to my shock, its been so many years this mentality hasn’t changed”. She further added “We are creating awareness by appealing to people of both the castes, to not discriminate, at least when it comes to someone’s health”. There are about 2134 women, who first registered for this programme, but amongst these, only some 1000 women have attended the meetings regarding this scheme.

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