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Mundargi sees relief from flourosis thanks to Tungabhadra

The Town Municipal Corporation of Mundargi has began supplying water from the Tungabhadra river to mitigate the crisis of fluorosis.

Saiqua Sultan

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The supply of Tungadhadra water has been a boon to the town of mundargi.
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Mundargi is a taluk in Gadag district of karnataka.
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Ground water in villages around Mundargi still have high fluoride content.
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The young have been spares of Fluorosis related diseases due to the waters of tungabhadra.


Bangalore, November 24, 2017: Tungabhadra water supplied by the Town Municipal Council has helped mitigate fluorosis-related problems in Mundargi town to a large extent.

Fluorosis is endemic to Gadag district with many studies proving high fluoride content in the ground waters of all taluks and villages in the district. Dental Fluorosis was the most prevalent; however skeletal fluorosis affected a large part of the populace in and around Mundargi Taluk of Gadag.

Mr. Noorullah Khan, the recently-appointed Chief Officer of the Town Municipal Council said, “Mundargi was infamous for fluorosis diseases but now it has been controlled with the supply of Tungabhadra water.”

Fluoride content of 2.00 ppm causes dental fluorosis where the tooth enamel develops a brown tint and fluoride concentration of 10.00 ppm leads skeletal fluorosis which can cause joint pains, back pain, neck pain, bowed legs and inability to fold legs and arms or squat among others. The ground water of Gadag district has shown 18.00 ppm.

Fluorosis mitigation started with the Sachetna Project started by BIRD-K Institute for Rural Development which aimed at helping the poor farmers of the villages in Gadag district.

After the success of the BIRD-K project, the state government started Sachetna Drinking Water Project to curb the challenge of fluorosis.

The government then directed the waters of Tungabhadra to the nearby villages via the still ongoing Singatalur Lift Irrigation project whereby the farmers received water for irrigation along with drinking water.

“It still exists, the problem of fluorosis, not in Mundargi but in Kalikeri and other villages. As long as town water is supplied then you have no problem. But ground water is still used by villagers around Mundargi taluk,” said Manjula Sajjan, Block Health Education Officer.

Mrs. Rajeshwari Inamdar, an NSS worker and PGT English said she had seen people growing up with her who had skeletal fluorosis. "We could see old people still showing signs of fluorosis but the town water, the Tungabhadra water supply has really helped."

In the taluk, it was difficult to find a person exhibiting symptoms of fluorosis but Mohammed Maulwi, an Areca-nut seller and his wife had dental fluorosis but their children did not as they had grown up drinking the municipal water.

“If you had come 15 years ago then it would have been easier to find a person with that problem, now you see it more in older people who had to rely on ground water while growing up,” said Mohammed.

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