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Harlur Lake contaminated with sewage and effluents release


Sewage entering into Harlur Lake.

Over 10 Lakh fish have died in Harlur Lake because of the contaminated water that is discharged into the lake.

Noel Patrick, who frequents the park  and walks around the lake, said “Around 40 days back there were lots of fishes which died because of overflowing of the drain into the lake causing the  sewage to mix with the lake water and killing a lot of fishes.”

Fish breeders have insisted BBMP to take actions against the broken drain and fix the pipe with maintaining it regularly to avoid this again as they have incurred loss in few lakhs.

Rashid Anwar, fish breeder, said “We suffered a lot of losses because of BBMP’s negligence on this matter and the Lake Development authority. They are supposed to regularly clear the canal but before this situation took place it was over due by 20 days.”

Srinivasan, another fish breeder said, “Business has gone down considerably and it is getting difficult to continue the business.”
Usha, Assistant Executive Engineer, BBMP Lakes, said “We usually keep a track that lakes get cleaned on time and we make sure that sewage doesn’t enter the lake. However, it is not possible for us to focus on one lake completely.”

Kshitij, environmentalist said, “The authorities need to take care that the sewage and clean water do not get mixed and more over don’t mix with lakes. A regular check should be kept on the canals around the lakes so they don’t end up harming marine life.”

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