Plastic waste contaminating Lalbagh Lake

By: Sanjana Raina

Water bottles on the edge of Lalbagh Lake

Bangalore, Sept 27, 2017: Lal Bagh Lake has become a collection point of water from various surrounding areas, the water that drains in carries plastic, that is thrown by the residents. Some of the plastic waste is stopped at the entry point and the rest collects in the lake.

“Mostly people throw plastic waste into the lake late in the evening, when the security guards prepare to shut the park for the day” said Manohar Hirydesh, a security guard on duty near lake.

Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) had declared Lalbagh to be plastic free. However, the edges of Lalbagh Lake are fully contaminated with plastic.

The rules and regulations board at the entrance of the park strictly prohibits plastic in the garden premises.

In spite of the prohibition vendors sell chips packets, water bottles and tetra packs.  Swati, who sells short eats for the past one year said, “Lake gets clean once in a month by the authority, that’s why there is so much of plastic into it, if it gets cleaned more often, it will be less dirty.”

Swamynathan Ramakrishna, a visitor said, “Seeing plastic thrown randomly makes me sad and why the public is careless. As a citizen I would suggest people who visit there to understand the importance of cleanliness. At the same time civil body should maintain strict laws.”

M.R Chandrashekar, Deputy Director of Horticulture confirmed, “Near the lake there are four to six security guards on duty to keep an eye that no one throws anything inside the lake, but if we find someone violating rules we fine them with an amount of Rs 100. From the past two months 20 people have been fined when security guard finds them throwing plastic bottles in the lake.”

Kshitij, environmentalist said, “People in public places like lake and parks should follow the rules and regulations and they should discard the waste properly, so that the surrounding doesn’t get polluted. Moreover it’s the duty of the government to make the awareness regarding this thing. ”

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