Rotten skywalk, people die trying to cross Mysore Road

By: Saiqua Sultan

Broken mesh used by people to cross the road

Bangalore, August 31, 2017: Two people have died trying to cross the Mysore Road at Kumbalgudu since January this year. People find the skywalk inconvenient to use, and instead try to run across.

Shahzan a student of Don Bosco Institute in the area said that it was a waste of time to climb the skywalk. “It is a waste of energy,” he said.

Police records from January till August of this year show seven fatal accidents and 17 non-fatal accidents on that stretch of Mysore Road.

Bhaga Ram, owner of Parameshwar Metal Store in Kumbalgudu said, “It is normal to see people crossing the road and getting bumped by speeding cars. They even broke the stand to cross the road and nobody has repaired it yet,” pointing to the iron mesh barricade in the middle of the two lane thoroughfare that people had broken.

The skywalk, erected for the safety of the people is dangerous to use. The iron railings have rusted over the years and the floor is full of holes. The stairs too are riddled with holes large enough to be dangerous.

“I see two to three accidents monthly. Vehicles are always in full speed and there is no signal here. Old people and women don’t climb the skywalk but prefer to cross the road which proves fatal. The police are always around to help but people do not use the skywalk” said Siddaraju B of Sri Basaveshwara Traders.

Y.V. Balasubramaniam Secretary, Kumbalgodu Gram Panchayat said, “People are not interested in climbing the skywalk. It is more than 25 feet high. A bypass would work better.”


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