App To Warn About Water-logged Areas

By: Swarnali Chakraborty

The Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre

Bangalore, August 31, 2017: An app that will warn users about water logged areas in the city will be available soon. The app is being developed by the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC).

Ms. Shubha Avinash, Project Scientist at KSNDMC says a group of students from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT) are developing the app which will be ready in three months. Initially, the app will be available to android users only.

The KSNDMC has 100 telemetric stations which cover an area of 250 sq.km. These telemetric stations have sensors spread across the city to measure the density of rainfall in particular areas of the city.

The app being developed will be connected to these telemetric servers, and information will be transmitted to the app from these servers.  Shubha Avinash says that the students from MSRIT are developing the software that will transmit this data. She also says that the app will be named KSNDMC.

Explaining how the app works, she says, “it will give you the real-time scenario as well as the weather forecast of the location you are in.” However, the app will have a 15-minute lag time. The KSNDMC has marked 174 known flood prone areas in the city.

Souvik Ghosh, a resident of Marathahalli, however, feels that the government is digressing from the problem. He says that the government is supposed to make sure that there is no water logging instead of making an app for it and he would not change his route just because of a mobile app.

Dr. Geetha Agnihotra, in charge of flood monitoring at the Indian Meteorological Department, said the IMD already has a similar app.

Vinod Kumar, Assistant Professor of the Civil Engineering department at MSRIT said that a group of students had gone to KSNDMC to collect the data from there . In the past, the students of MSRIT have developed apps with respect to social and economic issues. A group of students had developed an app during demonetization, says Chetan, Assistant Professor of the Computer Science department of the college.


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