Karnataka stands second in police vacancies in the country

By Madhuvanthi Srinivasan


Bangalore, 05 September 2017: The Karnataka Police Department has the most number of vacant posts in the country after Uttar Pradesh.

The Department stood fourth in 2015, but the number of vacancies have since increased, taking it to the second place.

In 2015 the state had 33,307 vacancies with 29,569 vacancies in the Civil Police and 3738 vacancies in the Armed Police, but in 2016, they’ve gone up to 39,276 vacancies with 34,956 vacancies in its Civil Police and 4,320 vacancies in its Armed Police.

M.N.Anucheth, DCP-Bangalore West said that the lack of staff results in an increase in the hourly shifts of the police personnel. To accommodate for the vacancies, an eight hour shift gets increased to a 12 hour shift. Increase in the number of hours generally leads to lesser efficiency.

“You take Upparpet Police Station which has the highest sanctioned strength of 110. With all vacancies, there is about 92 staff. So, if you do an eight hour shift, I can only give around 30 people. For a highly commercial area like this which has Majestic, the Metro and which has the railway station, it is very less,” says the DCP.

In June 2016, Karnataka Police Constables applied for mass leave to protest against poor working conditions and low salaries.  Karnataka falls short of 5,447 Head Constables and 28,860 Constables as of 2016. “The constabulary constitutes 87 per cent of our force. The police department runs on the constabulary. They are the work horses. The final work is done by them.” says Anucheth.

Mr.Ramesh, Head Constable, Kumbalgodu Police Station tells, “We have a 12 hour shift. It is either from 8 am to 8 pm or 8 pm to 8 am. This is the minimum. In case of problems, one can’t leave without resolving it. In those times, the 12 hour cap is not applicable”.

Mr. Rajesh, Section Superintendent, A-DGP:Recruitment, Karnataka Police’s office said that in 2015-16, 6389 constables and in 2016-17, 8424 constables were recruited by the Department. But vacancies in Constabulary positions added up to 28,860 with 25,484 vacancies in civil police alone.

Mr. V. Bhaskara, Sub Inspector, Kumbalgodu Police Station said that while the sanctioned constabulary strength of the station is 44 only 22 constables currently serve in the station.

Bangalore residents seem to sympathise with the police. Sandhya Balasubramanian from Bellandur said, “It is rare that an average citizen enters a police station except for passport verification. In my limited view, one doesn’t really see police folks as a friendly protector and that is a combination of the way the system is and the apathy of the policemen who are overburdened. When you are at beck and call to provide protection for politicians, political events and also manage the backlog of cases, the morale of a policeman is questionable”.

The police department has incorporated substitutes in terms of technology (the Hoysala system) and inducted Home Guards in certain roles with the Police. “But there is no substitute for more staff” said DCP Anucheth.

“In terms of manpower, the Dharamveer Commission had stated as to what should be the police population in ratio to the general population of the country. We have definitely not reached those standards,” says the DCP.As of 2016, Karnataka had 157 policemen per lakh population against 145 policemen in Maharashtra and 174 policemen in Tamil Nadu.



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