Parking lot in KR market in chaos: piling garbage and unhygienic conditions leading to illegal parking issues.

By Priyanka Pathak

Illegal Vehicals in BBMP parking

The largest wholesale market in Bangalore has now been transformed into a dump. One of the major concerns is parking space, which is in great disorder due to piled up garbage, abandoned vehicles and unhygienic conditions.

The parking lot allotted by BBMP in KR market is overcrowded by abandoned vehicles and garbage from the market. Also, the illegally parked vehicles on the roads are worsening the market’s current situation. The amount of garbage and blockages due to vehicles parked in non parking areas in the market leading to ultimate chaos.

Garbage in the parking lot


Anand Sharma a local to the area substantiated the parking issue confirming the parking problem and the parked vehicles in the no parking zone. He said,” I always park my vehicle outside because there is no space to park in the parking area.”


The parking lot is in need of a renovation, as the official basement parking of 600 square feet is not sufficient for the number of vehicles to be parked. As the parking area is not available for parking, visitors to the market park the vehicles illegally without any intervention of Traffic police.


Visitors to K R Market are forced to park their vehicles in no-parking zones because the only parking area available in the Market is filled with garbage and abandoned vehicles.


As per the parking law of India, traffic police has the power to fine or tow the vehicle violating the traffic rules, under section 177 of the Motor Vehicles Act made in 1988.

The parking lot is on contract given by BBMP for ward no. 139. Sathish the contractor for the parking lot says, “This has been the condition of the parking lot for the last 6 months, and nothing has been done about it.”


Abandoned vehicles in the parking area

Two storey building allotted for parking lot is not able to accommodate the everyday visitors to the market as the basement parking is suffering from the filthy and unhygienic conditions.

BBMP officials didn’t give any timeline for the cleaning of the parking lot in the market. Technical assistant to Engineer in chief, Bruhat Bangalore Manahangara Palike (BBMP) says, “Many departments are looking into the matter and we don’t exactly know who is actually responsible.”

Problems faced by the local sellers and the people

Traffic Police Head constable Chandrasekhar T, said that there is parking problem. He said that there are no alternatives to park, and the vehicles are parked by the side of exit.

“Need for strict measures to implement Order, Cleanliness and Maintain hygiene surroundings and also calls for new strategies for Garbage disposal. Parking lot needs to be revamped with Design Intervention/Planning to assure adequate Light and ventilation.“ says Pranoti Nagaraj an urban planner from Verve united.

The market is awaiting a makeover and the BBMP attention in order to retain its lost glory.



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