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Jayalalithaa attacks Modi, says Tamil Nadu more developed than Gujarat. || Bengaluru FC is just a win away from the I-League title. || Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Instagram flooded with inked-finger selfies.

Election Special

Modi has highest number
of fake followers on Twitter

Election officials complain about working conditions

Turnout high in Bangalore

Despite ban, electioneering in full swing as polling starts

Activist group claims AAP’s North Karnataka candidate ‘directly responsible’ for Mangalore air crash


Bangalore real estate market seen buoyed by poll


Ways to appease Bangaloreans and make them vote


IPL in Dawood’s lair


Kannada shoving other languages offstage


How crucial is this election? And is none of the above (NOTA) a good idea?

BJP, Congress ‘more or less equally poised’ in Karnataka


Sewage system improvement project delayed 20 months; costs triple to Rs.5 billion

BANGALORE (Aug. 14)—Completion of a project to improve Bangalore’s sewage system has been delayed by 20 months, while its cost has almost tripled to Rs.5 billion.


Courtesy of Altafalvi

Law no longer blind

Under highly controversial guidance produced by The Law Society, lawyers in England and Wales have been instructed to write Islamic wills that deny women an equal share of inheritances and exclude unbelievers. The guidance, which would be recognized by Britain’s courts with the exception of those in Scotland, which has a separate legal system, will also prevent children born out of wedlock and those who have been adopted from being counted as legitimate heirs. Four Op-ed Writing students share their opinions on this development.


Journo Speak


Power to the people

SoftCopy reporters interviewed Saddahaq founder Pallav Bajjuri about his innovative four-month-old news portal-cum-campaign platform.








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