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Booze shops abound on Mysore Road

Law forbids licensed premises within 220 meters of highways

By Prajeet Nair

BANGALORE (Sept. 12)—Licensed liquor stores are selling alcohol illegally on Mysore Road.

The law states that no license for sale of liquor shall be granted to a liquor shop or premises within a distance of 100 meters from an educational institution or within 220 meters from the center of state highways or national highways.

Meanwhile, according to a government report, road accidents in India killed 134,000 people in 2010.

According to the reports by Bangalore Traffic Police, 60,973 drink-driving cases were booked in 2012 and 61,923 the year before.

A worker at a Sri Hanuman liquor store along the Bangalore-Mysore highway said the store has a valid license to sell alcohol.

Srinivas, a constable at Kengeri Police Station, said there have been no complaints about the liquor shops.

“They are also given valid licenses, so we cannot do much,” he said.

An officer at Kengeri Police Station said the number of drink-driving cases have been on the rise, with about 500 such cases registered this year.

He was unable to give a precise figure for the rise because the police station that previously had jurisdiction over the stretch of highway has not yet transferred its records to Kengeri Police Station.

M.N. Sreehari, a traffic expert, said the presence of alcohol shops on the highway may be one of the reasons for the increasing cases of drink-driving.

“The increasing number of alcohol shops provoke and provides opportunity for people to consume alcohol while driving, which may lead to severe accidents,” he said.

Liquor store located stone’s throw from college

Sagar Deluxe Wines liquor store on Mysore Road in Kumbalgudu is located just across the road from Don Bosco College, in violation of the law that prohibits the location of licensed premises within 100 meters of schools and colleges. A spokeswoman for Don Bosco who spoke to The SoftCopy appeared unaware of the existence of the liquor shop.




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