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Ways to appease Bangaloreans and make them vote

By Aurosmita Acharya and Tulana Nayak


As Bangalore went into election mode, various corporate entities and mom-’n’-pop shops geared up to attract customers to their shops and voters to polling booths.
Suja Warrier, an employee of Infosys, initiated a drive called, “Nation First—a campaign for electoral roll registration” to attract more voters to the polling booth. She with her team organized flash mobs, street plays and SMS campaigns for the same.

Promises to keep

The parties contesting for the elections are also trying their best to appease the rural population specifically. Nagappa, 56, a resident of Kumbalgodu, said Congress had provided them with constant water supply and installed bore wells. Shivappa, chairman of the Milk Federation, Golahalli, said that Congress had provided loans for irrigation.

Rudraiah, 35, a shopkeeper at Nalakhamba said the BJP had promised to provide water supply and reconstructed roads, built schools and a milk dairy.

Campaigning at the doorstep

With election being held Thursday the leaflets that reach the doorsteps of the voters come up interesting taglines— “Bad candidates are elected by good citizens who do not vote” and “Please exercise your right and before you cast your vote make an informed decision.”

The leaflets are quite elaborate, explaining every detail about promises made, the party symbol, candidate’s name and number, in order to keep the voter informed. The leaflets of BJP focus on the slogan—“Vote for change.”

Similar is the case of hoardings and video ads displayed on roads. Party leaders promote candidates of their parties by displaying LCD screen advertisements on mobile vans.

Offers and discounts galore

With the overflowing offers all around citizens who are unable to vote or do not possess a voter I card regret their situation. Matru P. Acharya, a resident of Hennur Cross, said: “I feel sorry that I am not able to vote. I miss out on all the offers and discounts.”

Sankara Eye Hospital is offering 50 percent off on consultations for two days. It provides for a free Lasik evaluation to any voter from Thursday till the end of the month. Sakra World Hospital plans to offer a 10 percent discount between Friday and May 1 on health checkups and consultations to people who have an ink-marked finger.
Domino’s pizza has come up with an idea of “It’s Election Day, vote responsibly and make it count.” They are offering a 20 percent off on their pizza to reward the customers who have voted. Similiarly, Mast Kalandar, a chain of restaurants is offering a sweet worth Rs.5 with every meal.

Travel portal Goibibo.com, has come up with a campaign called #votingdone. Any person who votes is entitled to avail exciting benefits from Goibibo.com.
Similarly shops like Aabhusan, Davanam, Fashion Bazar, Floating Walls, Kuberan Silks and Philips Arena are going to provide amazing discounts at various outlets starting today. In order to avail themselves of the discount, voters have to show their ink-stained finger. This is being organized in association with www.ungliuthaodiscountpao.com.

Enrich salons and academy provides attractive discounts for women who exercise their voting rights. A staff of the salon said a customer paying Rs.3,000 can get services worth Rs.4,470.

Television ads

Even television ads have done their best to make Bangaloreans go to the polling booth. Tata Tea Gold’s ad that is about a “Black dot for women security” focuses on voting for someone who would address women security issues.

Google India’s “Pledge to vote with Mr. Shyam Negi” has gone completely viral on the internet and encourages people to vote by setting a 97-year-old man’s example. Another ad by Google, “Pledge to vote with celebrities” serves the same purpose.

The Fearless Indian, an NGO, came up with an ad “Vote for India because this girl is going to” which is a sarcastic way of asking people to vote for a better reason, because the only reason the girls in the add has to vote is that she finds the candidate, which the ad implies is Rahul Gandhi, cute!

CRY (Child Rights and You) has touched upon a neglected issue. Its ad “Vote for child rights” encourages people to vote for someone who can look into this sensitive issue which is rarely thought about even in election manifestos.


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