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Modi has highest number of fake followers on Twitter

By Nirupa Sathya Sree


BANGALORE (April 17)—We all know that politicians are fighting a huge battle on the ground but it’s a lesser known fact that they are fighting another one on social networking sites.

Most of the politicians turned to social media to attract young voters.

All the leading parties like Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress, Aam Aadmi Party have their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

But this sudden craze to be tech-savvy is doing more harm than good. The number of followers is the main factor in Twitter to show the party’s strength.

When The SoftCopy  investigated about the Twitter followers of a few politicians using the Fake Followers app, it emerged that they have a huge amount of fake, suspicious and inactive followers in their followers list.

This is one battle which every politician would love to lose, but unfortunately Narendra Modi wins this battle.

He has 65 percent of “suspicious” or “empty” followers, 10 percent “inactive” and 25 percent “good” followers.

Sumit Negi, a member of the AAP from Karnataka, said, “There have been a lot of reports on the fake followers in social media.”

“The whole exercise is done by some politicians to show themselves as famous among the youth,” he said.

He further added, “Recently, when Twitter exercised the process of removing fake followers, Narendra Modi's followers number drastically reduced from around 11 million to just 3.5 million.”

“This shows that instead of using social media for interaction with real people, a few politicians use it to just fake their popularity,” Negi said.

He said this should not happen and that social media sites must bring in some curbs to check fake followers.

But Negi might not be aware that even his party is not lagging behind in the fake-followers battle.

Aravind Kejriwal , the president of AAP, is trying to match up to Modi in this battle. Even he has a huge number of suspicious followers.

N.S. Bose Raju, three times MLA and general secretary of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee, said the party, which has less of a network will do such kind of things.

“Politicians want to attract youth. They need network which shows their strength, and students are the best options in doing that. They bribe them to become fake Twitter followers,” Raju said.

Raju also said that parties that are new, such as AAP, will buy followers.

“We don’t have the necessity to buy followers. We have a huge network,” Raju said.

While Congress MLAs say that they don’t need to stoop down to such levels, Manmohan Singh’s Twitter followers say something else.

Many say that our prime minister does not speak much, but this time his stats speak for him. Forty-one percent of the followers of @PMOIndia, the official Twitter account of the Prime Minister’s Office, are suspicious or fake.

Even the party’s official Twitter handles also have a huge number of suspicious or fake followers. But this time Congress wins the battle, followed by AAP and BJP.

The Fake Follower software we used to figure out the number of fake Twitter followers spots fake accounts using various parameters.

The software takes 2,000 random followers and generates reports. It takes factors like followers’ ratio, repetition of tweets, no tweets, and an account being two months old and having a default image, no bio or location, but still following more than 100 accounts.

Each of these criteria is given a number of points, and once an account exceeds a certain number of points, the software identifies that account as suspicious.

Interpretation of results

0–10% —The majority of followers are legitimate.
10-20% —May have some suspicious or inactive followers.
20-50%— Be cautious. If an account has a large number of followers, it is expected that some will be inactive or suspicious.
50-70%— This is a red flag. The owner needs to check his/her followers.
70-100% —Majority of the followers are suspicious. Action needs to be taken immediately.

The website claims that their data is accurate and there may be a rough marginal chance of error of 10-15 percent.

Another software named twfollowers was created by Pratik Sinha. Using this software, there are no chances of getting errors as it downloads the entire followers list and analyzes them completely.

The results for Narendra Modi twitter handle @narendramodi and Aravind Kejiwal’s twitter handle @ArvindKejriwal are as follows”



Followers when the database was downloaded

Never tweeted

No followers themselves

Haven’t tweeted and have no followers

Haven’t changed their default Twitter image

Never tweeted and haven’t  changed their default Twitter image

No followers and haven’t changed their default Twitter image

Never tweeted,  have no followers  and haven’t  changed their default Twitter image

Narendra Modi




1,234,564 36.35% 


985,041 29.00% 


561,648 16.53% 


1,543,325 45.44% 


840,013 24.73% 


672,603 19.80% 


428,578 12.62% 

Aravind Kejriwal




405,761 29.16% 


331,313 23.81% 


181,045 13.01% 


537,655 38.64% 


266,722 19.17% 


219,983 15.81% 



 Aren’t we bad at numbers?
Other factors that the software looks at to define an account as fake is number of numerals in the username.


Followers who have 5 or more numbers in their Twitter usernames

Followers who have 6 or more numbers in their Twitter usernames

Followers who have 7 or more numbers in their Twitter usernames

Followers who have 10 or more numbers in their Twitter usernames

Narendra Modi









Aravind Kejriwal









The percentages indicated are the real indicators of fake followers, and the higher the percentages, more the fake followers.

Tweeple’s reaction on politicians’ fakes followers

How does this actually work?

If you are wondering how people can buy followers then let me say it’s actually possible. There are many Indian and foreign-based companies which provide these kind of services.

Here is an example.

The website states that “No one on the entire internet can sell real Twitter followers. This is not true. They all use the same automated techniques to artificially make their customers fake famous and create fake popularity, so they can get more credibility. Even big names like Justin Bieber and other famous people have bought followers to increase their popularity! People will never find out or investigate your case unless you are Obama, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton or a famous actor or celebrity.”

These companies create mail accounts in bulk and use this accounts to follow people. That’s the reason why you can see many common followers between most uncommon people.

By seeing the above stats and methods, it is quite clear that politicians want their presence felt on Twitter, but are not following the right path to achieve it.

Repeated calls The SoftCopy made to the PM office, Narender Modi office and AAP office went unanswered


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