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How crucial is this election? And is none of the above (NOTA) a good idea?

The SoftCopy organized a voxpop to know the views of voters on the 16th Lok Sabha poll. We asked nine people aged 23 to 44 two questions by email, social media and phone: How crucial is this election? And is none of the above (NOTA) a good idea?

By Shivani Sinha



Bishu chatterjee,

44, Human resources manager at Times of India

Yes, it is crucial, but the way the parties are spending money Election Commission should intervene and enquire about it, particularly the Bharatiya Janata Party. In my view NOTA practically will bring nothing. NOTA is some kind of protest which will have no outcome, anyway the candidate with majority votes will win, so what difference does NOTA make?



Sharath N. Murthy,

31, Corporate communication professional

This election is pretty much crucial as this will decide India’s future in terms of being the superpower by overtaking China. Our policies are not very strong to tackle important issues (international, terrorism etc). I think NOTA is a useless option. It would make sense only if the all the candidates are disqualified if there is a higher percentage of NOTA in the particular constituency.

Shatakshi Anand,

22,Law student

Nota is a very good step in ensuring crime free politics, if I feel that the candidate is not worthy of my vote, I can use NOTA.  This election is very crucial, the scams of the leading political parties are in light today, hence it’s time we use our nose and smell the good governance and vote diligently.


Imbesat Imam,

30, Political science professor

I believe every election is crucial. And as far as NOTA is concerned, I think that this is a good idea, for the first time people have this option; it’s a good way to show one’s view if people use it.  With every election people are becoming more aware and the media is also playing a crucial role in making the people aware of their rights, putting emphasis on voting as a basic right.

 Shubhankar Chakravorty,

25, Journalist

This election is very crucial—Indian democracy is at a never-before-seen juncture. Voters have never been more divided in their mind as in who to vote for, and the credit goes to a ruling side that has set records of sort in miss-governance and an opposition with its own skeleton-filled closets.But I believe at the end of the day, one must take some calculated amount of risks and vote for a candidate who’s more competent and a lesser evil. Besides the national parties, while voting one must also carefully evaluate the regional parties on their ideologies and loyalties and Aam Aadmi Party in terms of practicality. In my opinion NOTA doesn’t work; it’s just to ensure that you’re not being misrepresented but it’s a waste nonetheless. I’d prefer cursing myself for supporting an idiot for five years than withdrawing from the process.



Vikas Anand,

24,Software engineer

I guess this election will change the course of politics in our country. People who were fed up with the system have started asking basic and important questions to the politicians which were once lost, all thanks to Aam Aadmi Party.I don’t think NOTA is a good idea because election commission is not considering it. The candidate with the maximum number of votes will win. The point of general elections is to select a good candidate who will play a major role in law making. So we should select the best candidate from our constituency. Only in worst case situations when we do not have a good candidate, we would opt for NOTA.


K. Punita,

38, housewife

The current is election is very crucial because the current government seems to be stagnated so we need a change. NOTA is a good idea as your vote cannot be misused.

Sunil Sandur,

40, commercial manager

Election provides equal opportunity to all citizens to participate in society and in legislation process periodically and helps in creating a complacent atmosphere, hence it’s crucial. This year the elections are very important, the nation is in need of good governance that comes from good government and all that relies on our vote. NOTA is a better option than forcing anyone to vote.


Vivek Jain,

23, Commercial pilot

Elections are crucial because it creates competition which is good for the development of the country. It gives the people the right to cast their vote and choose their government, rather than complaining later. As far as NOTA is concerned it is just like not voting. It just wastes one’s vote.




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