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The 2013 SoftCopy team

Mark Austin loves his job.

Kaustav Bhattacharya is an inquisitor, a dreamer, a sedulous optimist, an aspiring investigative journalist and an occasional rat catcher.

Mayukh Mukherjee is a foodie who loves reading books, listening to soft classical music and has a huge passion for travelling.

Monika Shukla is an amateur photographer and lawn tennis enthusiast who believes in going straight rather than moving in circles.

Nirupa Sathya Sree is a tech-savy,hard-working and happy-go-lucky person.

Prajeet Nair is one who takes life as it comes and is always ready to tackle any situation.

Rashmi Ramesh is a typical nice girl on the surface who is a daredevil on the inside—the perfect example of the saying "never judge a book by its cover."

Rashmi Sinha is made of fearlessness, spontaneity and humbleness with toppings of colors, energy and giggles.

Sahib Mehta loves just four things in life: travel, music, food and his beard.

Sakshi Gupta is a sports fanatic, enthusiastic and the mantra of her life is "Do only that what you enjoy".  

Sej Das contains a multitude of personalities and is definitely a fickle-minded person.

Shivani Sinha has vibrant colors of hard work, fun and love that make her what she is.

Srishti Suman is a girl with a fun attitude towards life, a big-time day dreamer…but when it comes to her interest, handy at practical skills.





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