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African nationals not welcome in city restaurants

By Jyoti Banthia

BANGALORE (April 2)— African nationals in the city are facing discrimination in restaurants and pubs where they are not allowed access and given rude responses  like ‘please leave’ and ‘no space available’.

In popular restaurants and bars across the city, mangers have faced the situation where guests have complained about the attitude of the Africans which disturbs them and have asked managers not to entertain African nationals.

M. Dora, manager a pub in Indiranagar, said, “ Yes, we also have experiences like that but for a few people we can’t lose out on our major crowd, that will affect business and reputation.

Pic courtesy: Shubhang Saurav

Naomi, who is from Nigeria, had gone with her friends to a sports bar, said, that the manager gave an excuse of space crunch for denying them entry but it was not true.

“It is disgusting to see such behavior; one should not be discriminated on basis of color or for their nature.

It gives out a really wrong message,” she said. “We are happy and fun loving people, but to some we appear loud which is not right,” Naomi added.

“People have judged us to spread wrong habits or behavior which is totally wrong.”

Akhil Zain, 22, who is the manger of a city restaurant, said that a majority of foreign nationals who visit the restaurants are Africans.

They come in the evening after work to relax and enjoy themselves.

 “I’ve worked as a manger for over a year and till now I haven’t faced any difficulty. They are jovial people who keep to themselves and do nothing to irritate you,”

Akhil said.“It has so happened that many a times these people have fallen short of cash and have promised to pay the next morning and they do so.”

He also said that he has a few Africans friends and whenever they meet him or see him on road they give a smile and are really cordial.

Anil, manager in a popular city bar, said, “I have never seen Africans start a fight. A few locals do have trouble when they laugh or talk loudly but that’s how they are, that’s what irritates these fellows.”

Christopher who is from Kano, Nigeria, is studying B.Com in a city’s institution, said that he finds the city really safe as compare to his hometown.

“This city is safe and I don’t feel scared to walk alone. If people can give up their conservative mindset that would really help.”


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