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Sewage system improvement project delayed 20 months; costs triple to Rs.5 billion

Number of fatal drunk-driving accidents in 2014 first half close to total for 2013

Pedestrians file petition over jammed traffic junction

Bowring hospital still short of medicine

Indiranagar residents annoyed by illegal parking

Panchayat warns nurse for allegedly demanding money illegally

Red tape leaves 150 factories in lurch

India not raking in the green

Transgenders unrecognized by banks

Silk Board Junction not as smooth as silk


Panchayat official illegally excavated dried-up lake




Road to sex education still under construction

Nonfunctional signals, badly located bus stop invite accidents at Brigade-Magrath junction

Evicted EWS residents protest over BBMP’s mall approval

City traffic police deaf to risks posed to constables’ hearing

Sharp turn at junction paves way for death

Fuel adulteration a growing problem

Hard-up BOA to feature fewer big names this year

Hard water making life hard for some Bangaloreans

Meager funding seen hastening industry shift from Peenya

Ghoshala Road––In darkness and crime


Muslim group seeks to ban term ‘love jihad’





Final verdict on EWS evictees ‘postponed’

BMTC refusing to pay traffic fines

Local tour operators relieved as effects of Thai crisis disappear

Pipelines laid by BWSSB in R.T. Nagar dysfunctional

Private builder ignores workers’ safety

Madiwala Underpass a commuters’ nightmare

Waste-meat dumping expands stray dog population in Nayandahalli

Hospital sees 19% rise in road accident cases

India vs Pakistan friendly football match not spectator-friendly




Project to renovate dried-up lake moving at slow pace




Some Bangaloreans thankful as Ganesha festival winds up

Paid content ‘hurting newspapers’ credibility’

ISP's flouting TRAI role on net access speed

Protest held over prof’s ‘abuse’ of reporter

Lack of proper bus stops at K.R. Market, Kalasipalayam causes traffic chaos

Mysore Road plagued by crime wave

Monkeys creating havoc

Bangalore's parks poorly maintained due to insufficient funds

Cops fail to act on complaints against auto drivers

Faulty, uncleaned water tanks pose problem for villagers

Cops struggling to make ends meet

Antisocial elements create turmoil at housing society park


Paralympians neglected, dejected






Authorities to test-purchase at Kengeri bus terminal shops that overcharge

Poor parking infrastructure troubles vehicle owners

Musical therapy helping autistic children

New Peenya bus station still not fully functional

Signals at Anil Kumble Circle a commuters’ nightmare

Complaints made by sex workers palmed off by police to NGOs

Siddaramaiah ignores Union letter ordering ban on tobacco

Mosquitoes thriving due to unclean sewage lines at Kengeri Satellite Town

Burning of e-waste sickens Bommanahalli residents  

EWS conflict: Final verdict postponed

Religion over health


Addictive sleeping pills easily available in Bangalore without prescription





Comic Con Bangalore ends on a high note

Street vendors vent anger at BBMP

Secondary air filters add to noise pollution

BESCOM turns deaf ear to consumer complaints over decrepit infrastructure

Borewell supply line mixed with sewage water

Bar near schools bothers students

Blocked sewers at MLA Layout paving way for diseases

Lack of railway underpass puts lives at risk

Unmanned crossing jeopardizes lives

BMTC buses ply streets without taillights

Cow menace worsening K. R. Market traffic chaos

Contract employees demand permanent status


Bangalore students show solidarity with Jadavpur University counterparts 



‘TMC is trying to change the nature of JU and bring it under their control’

Police foot-dragging in car theft case leads to more vehicles being pinched

No newspaper agencies back Siddaramiah over student vendorslice to investigate illegal LPG refilling shop

Police to investigate illegal LPG refilling shop

Water shortage persists in Kammanahalli

Are Scots ready for a new beginning?

City-based NGO provides e-classrooms to 12 villages

Sarjapur residents paying a fortune for tanker water

Not all hotel kitchen workers have health cards

Anti-dowry law being misused, defaming blameless husbands, in-laws
Neeladri Road to be cattle track no more

Construction waste leads to death of small lakes



Anna Bhagya food scheme being utilized by ineligible villagers





Loss assessors up in arms over privatization plan

World applauds as Mangalyaan enters Mars orbit 

Police reluctant to register first information reports

Packers and movers doing a rough job

Goa state tax a muddle

Fraudulent NGO cashing in on victims’ altruism

Transsexuals have to live 2nd-class lives because they’re denied IDs

Footpath encroached by plants nudges pedestrians to their deaths

Highway check posts potential death traps

Facebook friends—are you sure it’s them?



Mysore hotels gouge prices as Dasara starts 





Tibetans in Bangalore disappointed by Modi

1st-string Bengaluru FC players might not play in ISL

Banned medicines still sold by Indian pharmacies

World applauds as Mangalyaan enters Mars orbit  

Lack of Hindi teachers hurts government school students

Cyber crimes on the rise in Bangalore

BBMP resumes planting saplings

27% of ministers in Modi Cabinet face criminal charges

Metro toes line on labor safety after high court ruling

Kaval Byrasandra residents troubled by chronic garbage problem

Light at the end of the tunnel for Cunningham Road residents


Festive season prompts travel agencies to bilk customers





Central Jail dysfunctional as budget falls short

Security lapse at Bangalore lit fest

Gokarna: Trouble in paradise

Harassment of senior citizens in city rife

Open-source online library a boon for engineering students

Electricity theft by farmers resulting in loss to BESCOM

Faulty traffic signal causing chaos

English classes taught in Bengali

Sanitation workers recruitment drive put on hold



Law against acid attacks proving ineffective




BBMP’s Forest Department understaffed

Christians in Bangalore wait on Center to help Iraqi minorities

International help being provided to domestic workers

Reopening of HAL airport to benefit Bangaloreans

Number of enslaved people ‘highest in India’

Liquor being sold after 11 p.m. at shop on Bannerghatta Road

Loose electrical wires pose threat to passersby

Absence of traffic signals on C.V. Raman Road causing severe traffic snarls

Mysore Dasara ends on a positive note

Chronic shortage of water poses health hazards to Kaval Byrasandra residents


Fake IT company bilking job-hunting software engineers out of cash





Manual scavenging practiced near K.R. Market despite nationwide ban

Namma Metro hitting businesses on M.G, CMH roads

Escorts in Bangalore see business boom via social media

Factory’s toxic fumes have locals choking

Skywalks, cycle track in works for east Bangalore

Nightingales Medical Trust: Dementia causing increase in missing elders

Surveillance cameras fail to curb traffic rules violation

Locked underpasses force pedestrians to dodge traffic

Charminar Street strewn with waste meat after Bakrid

iPhone 6, 6 plus seen selling like hot cakes


ddBBMP, BDA suspected in sapling scam




More than 15,000 RTI requests unanswered in Karnataka

Scofflaw shops at bus stations continue to overcharge

Domestic Workers Rights Union demands social security scheme

Northeast Indians in city: Wake up Bangalore, we have a crisis

Manual scavenging—an evil born of caste discrimination

E-library offering preteens a window on the world

BMTC change counters remain ineffective

Water supply cut in residential area to feed big projects

Road near HAL plant in ruinous state


‘Kiss of Love’ organizer backs out after threats




Octoberfest? October mess, more like

Illegal excavation of soil from Devagere Lake continues

Fate of society protecting leprosy sufferers doubtful; patients distraught

Defective instruments in use at Apollo Hospital

Granite mine flouts rules, causing health hazards

Government car park neglected due to lack 
of investors

Unfinished construction work causes traffic bottlenecks

Lack of electronic barriers at Bangalore metro stations poses risk 
to passengers

NGO leverages social media to meet blood requirements

Unplanned pregnancies lead to massive health complications in Indian women

Showroom salespersons earning extra money by changing price tags



Retired air force commodore found murdered at Bangalore residence




Auto driver murdered; 5 suspects absconding

Alleged bribe demand prompts bus driver to attempt suicide

IPS officer in charge of team probing burning alive of Muslim boytransferred

Fraudulent college admission procedures a stain on India’s education system

A/C, electrical firms overbilling foreign clients

Banashankari residents oppose building of crematorium

Gas agencies, bank officials play blame game over LPG cash issue

No sign of Modi’s cleanup drive in suburbs

Faulty recruitment procedure troubles applicants for jobs at Accenture

3 silk scientists honored with Louis Pasteur Award

‘The most effective way of remembering something is to have heard it in a story’

Company promotional activities banned at gay pride parade


Man accused of killing rowdy murdered




TV9 off air for broadcasting ‘anti-government propaganda’

Top cop refuses permission for ‘Kiss of Love’ in Bangalore

Aspiring models allegedly harassed by modeling agency after depositing money

Classical dance, music degrees illicitly issued in exchange for bribes

Air safety at Indian airports to increase

Hardware shops cheatcustomers by failing to issue VAT bills

New cycle track proposed while old one being used as parking space


11 rescued from flesh trade





Protest held against new rules on local governance that keep power in hands of fat cats

Kiss of Love organizer: Event will take place

Congress lashes out at BJP, says accusations over crimes against women, children ‘political’

200 transgenders protest against being put in Beggars Colony

Replacement of dysfunctional helicopters still not on Defense Ministry’s priority list

Dhruva Space to build India’s first privately owned satellite

WHO’s recommendation for AIDS prevention difficult to apply in India

‘Cartoons make readers laugh in spite of modern-day crises’


1 woman, 4 men arrested in blackmail, extortion case against doctor




‘Protective gear has given batsmen false confidence’

KPSC age bar still not raised; aspirants protest

Significant step toward birth control delayed by government

Mystery shrouds retired commodore’s murder

Indian postal service delivers package with missing content

Ombudsman’s BBMP inspection uncovers corruption

Superstitions snarl power projects

Green Bazaar champions sustainability

B.PAC aims to boost student awareness of urban environmental issues

Cricket for a Cause goes to bat for charity


Man held for murder in Kumbalgudu





5 held in Rs.10 million gold heist

Special children urge government to hear their voices

Twitter helps police bust prostitution racket

Kumble launches Spin Stars Contest to find youth spin bowlers in Karnataka

119 vehicles seized, licenses suspended

City petrol pumps brazenly cheating customers

Protest staged against chief priest for ‘fraudulent priests’ remark

‘RTI is respect for individual’

Kiss of Love postponed by organizers


Fake garments worth Rs.4 million eized; man arrested




7 arrested over illegal gambling; Rs.900,000 recovered

Case filed against goon over razor attack

Big factories muscling out small ones in Doddaballapur

LPG delivery boys charge consumers extra

Government schools wait for implementation of virtual lab project

Uthappa: India geared up for World Cup


Woman falls prey to medical seat scam





2 women rescued from flesh trade

5 held over attempted kidnap

Petition started to revise Ubers’ recruitment policies

Lack of technology use affecting government offices

Launch of BMTC smart card delayed

Polluted lake spreading disease among local residents

Free stalls for Kannada publishers at national book fair



KSCPCR to form special committee to probe alleged assault of students at Bishop Cotton Girls’ School



Girl rescued from brothel

Children abandoned due to state’s poor economic condition

BESCOM yet to act over electricity theft complaint

Traditional modes of transport hard hit by likes of Ola, TaxiForSure

Birth certificates denied to BPL families

Sex-selective abortion set to doom the girl child

Unmanned railway tracks claim commuters’ lives

Diagnostic centers, government doctors prey upon patients for profits

Bystanders still waiting for a Good Samaritan law

Citizens suffer as infrastructure crumbles

India’s hands-off stance toward Israel, Palestinian territories

Scavenging on tracks continues unabated

Cyberspace threatening teenagers’ mental state

Taekwondo classes becoming popular after molestation cases

Baluchari sari dying out in its birthplace

Elderly people happy in old age homes

Delay in completing Kolkata metro leaves people in despair

Juvenile delinquency up 10% in Bangalore in 5 years; offenders mostly from economically weaker section

India remains hotspot for child marriages globally


Top hospitality hub continues to trap clients with fraudulent schemes




Fraudulent firm advertising in TOI dupes man out of Rs.40,000

Anti-dowry law not in favor of innocent men, say victims-turned-activists

Confined to the four walls of house, girl not allowed to meet her husband

Brigade Road’s unsung hero

India: A nation of disappearing daughters

Study: Bangalore worst in nation in terms of social justice, diversity

ITI Layout residents denied broadband connections









Mother demands compensation for son’s death, blames ‘negligent’ hospitals

Students, teachers criticize gender segregation

NGO organizes cycle marathon to raise funds for children’s education

Defense enterprises optimistic about ‘Make in India’ campaign

Survey: 50% of elderly people experience abuse

Double in-law marriages cause double trouble

Normal schools incapable of handling autistic children

Government-built houses lack basic amenities

Young volunteers fund, run orphanage

Stink raised over problems with e-toilets



Indian passport applicants ‘not Indian citizens’




1 month after Church Street bomb blast, eateries still suffering

More Bangalore women suffering cancer

BDA fails to compensate land owners over ring road project

Lack of funds, association politics deal blow to taekwondo players

Healthcare facilities in Bangalore far beyond reach of common man

More than 20% Bangaloreans don’t have voter IDs

Robbers target IT engineers on Bannerghatta Road

Leopards apparently have religious leanings

No special funds for bus passenger information systems

NGO battling against child labor forced upon by parents

India ‘neglecting Indian artists’

Psychological instability behind much domestic violence

That extraordinary ‘Common Man’

Night shifts a nightmare for women’s health



Accenture employees blame ‘Indianization’ of workplace for attrition  




Government scrutinizing foreign-funded NGOs over questionable monetary affairs

Medical tourism booming in India, but regulation lacking

Doctor doling out health certificates for bribes

Start-up websites 1st choice of entrepreneurs

Many Indian artists see benefits of file-sharing sites

City recyclers up to their necks in e-waste

BEd colleges in West Bengal enroll students with false affiliation claim

Parents steamed up over ‘inappropriate’ language in school textbooks

Congress: Fight in Delhi is between AAP, BJP



Caste 'played crucial role' in ensuring AAP's landslide win in Delhi election



American TV series merchandise a growing market

Fans, artists dejected over AIB’s decision to apologize

Right-wingers threaten to marry off unwed couples on Valentine’s Day

Aero India 2015 cleared for takeoff

Difficulty in accessing finance hinders development of women entrepreneurs

Students’ global exposure at risk if Kannada becomes medium of instruction in primary schools

Couple arrested over brothel; big fish absconding

Branded shops more profitable at malls than high streets


A pregnant silence over surrogates’ rights




Bohra Muslims: Nothing wrong with female circumcision

AAP chalking out plans for Bangalore

Police ‘knocked woman off scooter, fled’

Namma Metro construction delayed, costs up

Chickenpox vaccine shortage continues in state

Indian video-game sector dominating entertainment industry

Cyber cafe owners hit hard by increased internet penetration

‘To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto Me?’

Manipur’s ‘one woman army’



‘900 IGATE employees fired in past 3 weeks’





Citizens, activists show solidarity with Udwin’s anti-rape documentary

Exporters’ concerns ‘overlooked’ in Union budget

There’s a lot at ‘steak’ in Maharashtra

Woman held prisoner by parents for eloping claims she’s being tortured

300 protest against government ban on sand mining in Mysore

Government school students having a hard time after introduction of CBSE Syllabus

Swine flu vaccine in short supply in city

Beggar mafias thriving in city

Academic doping common among Indian students

P.T. Usha: Indians don’t support their athletes

Karnataka’s sports education in turmoil

Farmer union issues warning over GM crops

Cement factories cause misery for villagers

Government Museum sees few visitors

Widows celebrate Holi, breaking age-old taboo 


KPCC to hold statewide conventions against Land Acquisition Bill




Children with special needs neglected

Mental hospitals in sorry state due to government’s negligence

Man murdered in Electronic City; 7 arrested

4 arrested over stolen antiques worth Rs.15 million

Army wives hail plan to replace old copters

Chickpet shopkeepers refuse to give receipt to avoid sales tax

BBMP ignores citizen complaints

Construction workers’ plight remains unadressed

Bangalore Kidney Foundation observes 6th World Kidney Day

Bangalore girls go ‘vroom, vroom’

Social acceptance still a distant dream for northeastern people in Bangalore

2 years and counting, the church is still waiting

3 questions for Bibi

Private tuitions boon for the rich, bane for the poor


IT employees oppose centralized employee database




Bars not benefiting from cricket world cup fever

‘Section 69A a missed opportunity’

Drug-related offences on a rise in Karnataka; IT companies, BPOs blamed

Bangalore sees 45% rise in rape cases

Indian blind cricket team wait for sponsors to buy air tickets

Power cuts continue


Child laborers in city double over a year




Girl harassed on bus; case to be transferred to Gonibeedu Police Station

Anabolic steroids being sold illegally without prescriptions

Indians in Yemen eagerly waiting to get back home

Don’t dare to join a union, small-scale industry owners tell workers

BJP, Congress play blame game over ‘BBMP’s involvement with mafia’

Area between Bellandur and Marathalli an accident hotspot

'Bangalore soon to become dry city'

Activists, internet users slam TRAI’s new net neutrality framework


Over 75,000 government schools in Karnataka don't have P.E. teachers




Bengaluru FC looks to tighten gap on top of table, keep winning streak alive

Kashmiris blame government inefficiency in floods rescue operations

Victoria Hospital unable to meet dialysis demand

Complaints rise against schools not enrolling students under RTE quota

BWSSB to spend Rs.840 million for pipeline project near BU

Paralympian refused place for Summer Olympics

6 arrested over fake currency notes worth Rs.900,000

Gadkari launches up-gradation of highways in Karnataka

Good Food Festival offering Bavarian bites starts today

City women rugby players 'can make it big internationally




Cost of open drain: 45 stitches 





Dental students: Eligibility criteria for PG should be less than 50%

1 girl shot dead, another injured in school premises in Kadugodi

RTI app has only 9% active users

Shortage of funds deprives police of hi-tech equipped command vehicles

RPI demand abolition of devadasi system

Interactive laptops for visually impaired students

Renowned artists to recruit designers in Comic Con Bangalore

‘State caste-based survey a concern’

Air Pegasus to provide regional services in India




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