Sterilization programme shows results in Bangalore


Source: Animal Husbandary Department, BBMP

The Animal Birth Control Programme (ABC) by the BBMP has witnessed a decrease in stray dog sterilizations in the last four years.

The main reason behind this decrease is that the majority of stray dogs have been sterilized in the past decade under this initiative, say BBMP officials.

Through this programme, 5, 98,293 dogs have been sterilized in the last 15 years.

A recently published report by the Animal Husbandry department of the BBMP states that 30420 dogs were sterilized under the ABC programme, last year.

The BBMP has appointed five non-profit organisations to carry out this programme, Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA), Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Foundation, Animal Rights Fund, Vets for Animals and Richa Agrawal Foundation.

What is ABC programme?

The ABC (Dog) Rules, 2001 states that stray dogs only above the age of 4 months should be caught, sterilized and vaccinated against rabies.

The BBMP has told the NGOs that are involved, to follow the ‘Trap-Neutral-Release’ policy, which releases the dog in the same place after it gets sterilized and vaccinated. The NGOs are not allowed to relocate the dogs as they are territorial animals.

NGOs playing vital role:

The BBMP has collaborated with various non profit organisations around Bangalore for this programme.

“We have issued tenders to four NGOs in order to implement the ABC programme. The BBMP has been performing the programme on a regular basis for the last 20 years,” said Dr K A Najappa, Head of Animal Husbandry Department of the BBMP.

"Every NGO is allotted 4-5 jurisdiction areas which can change every year. The sterilization process is very difficult. It requires a fully dedicated team of supervisor and catchers. The team also has to be vaccinated against rabies", said Poroma who is working with CUPA since the last year.

"It cost approximately 900-1000 INR for each dog to get sterilized and vaccinated. The BBMP provides around 60-65 % of the total cost, hence we always look for extra funds," she added.

“Such initiatives are very effective as they reduce the dog population. Also it’s very important to perform various tests on the dogs when they are caught,” said Dr Sharanya Prakash of Cessna Lifeline. “The dogs were electrocuted 20 years ago but now ABC programme has made things better”, she added.

Euthanasia is the last option:

The ABC (Dog) Rules, 2001 also states that the dogs which are incurably ill and mortally wounded are put to sleep permanently by a process called Euthanasia.

Under ABC programme, 55238 dogs were euthanized, in the last 15 years.

“Indian dogs have been surviving for years and have a good immunity system. The BBMP allows euthanasia under very strict norms. If the dog is in lot of pain, only then euthanasia can be done. Still we prefer it to be the last option,” said Shilpa Madhubani, PR at CUPA.



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