Bosch employees protest against uninformed dismissal


Bosch Limited employees staged a protest today outside their office at Adugodi, against the dismissal of 263 New Entrant Temporary Workmen (NETW).

The NETW have been having a conflict since last month with the management to get back their post at Bosch. All the 263 employees who come under NETW were removed on 17 August.

The NETW are initially employed as on job trainees and are then posted as New Entrant Temporary Workmen after which they are made permanent.

A few days before the dismissal of the protesting 263, 450 other employees who also came under NETW were made permanent.

The dismissed members were granted a compensation of 70,000 rupees to 1 lakh about a month ago and were disengaged without any prior notice, said Gautam L, a NETW.

“The management sent a letter, but it was sent on the day of dismissal and the letter mentioned only about compensation and not about dismissal.” said Yeshwanth Kumar, another NETW member.

Most employees dismissed were aged 30-32. “We have been working here for almost 10 years and sudden dismissal without any prior notice is not justified,” said Gautam.

Later, letters were given in hand, but only after dismissal, claimed employees.
The management has been ignorant to the protests so far and has given losses in business as the reason behind disengagement of so many.

We will protest till they take us back, this our only livelihood and we cannot afford to lose our place here so easily, employees said.

The employees had a silent protest against their removal on 17 and 18 August. The other employees of the company have not come forward to support us as warrants against them are being issued if they raise their voice regarding this issue, employees said.

The permanent employees of Bosch limited have a union, the MICO Employees Association. However, the NETW  do not have any such union for their support.  

“The management while giving compensation gave a word that they will try taking the dismissed back but no letter or promised guarantee has been issued so far,” said Ahmed. N, a dismissed employee.
The management refused to comment about the issue.




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