Contract system for pourakarmikas still to be abolished


The state Welfare Department now says they will abolish it by November 1.

Bangalore, October 12:
The Karnataka State Government has now pushed to November 1 the date to abolish the contract system for pourakarmikas. Initially, the Welfare Minister for the Karnataka government, Shri H. Anjaneya had said that the system would be abolished from July 2017.

In a phone conversation to The Softcopy, Mr. Anjaneya said, “Yes, we agree to the fact that we had made this decision but it is not easy to execute everything we decide immediately. The decision will definitely be executed from November 1, this year.”

In a circular, passed as a result of the protest conducted by the pourakarmikas, in the month of May, the state government had said that it will overthrow the contract system for pourakarmikas completely.


"We still work on contract basis. Due to this we face many problems like we don't get salary on time and sometimes we are harassed as well," said Devi, a pourakarmika who works in Jayanagar. 

The contract-based system allows contractors to delay salary payments, deny or restructure the contract terms to their convenience, and illegally resource laborers who are not bound by a contract.  

 "It's been four months since our contract has expired but our contractor is missing. He has neither renewed the contract nor has he given us salary for five months,” said Bhagya Amma, another pourakarmikas. The children of these pourakarmikas are not allowed to write exams as their parents have failed to pay their school fees.

The pourakarmikas of Jayanagar went to the South Zonal office of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) on Tuesday, demanding an end to the contract system. 

"It's not just the question of abolishing contract system. It's way more than that. The contract system has ruined their lives and also creating problems in their children's lives," Sathya, an activist.

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